Need a Tow Truck?

Tiny House Transport

Roadside Towing have you covered for all Tiny House Transport.

Tiny homes are taking the world by storm and their popularity is exploding in Australia!

Roadside Towing services have transported many different tiny homes and trailer-mounted homes.
We have transported tiny homes built with a solid base and no wheels to full-sized trailer-mounted tiny houses. We have even transported tiny homes built from shipping containers!

The dedication to this culture is amazing, to say the least. We love these tiny homes and we know how much work goes into creating them. For this reason, you can trust Roadside Towing with your tiny house transport requirements. 

Tiny homes that are built with a solid base can be secured on top of one of our Tilt Tray Tow Trucks and transported to your new location. Trailer mounted tiny homes are usually built to take advantage of the extra height and can normally be towed behind one of our tow trucks with ease.

Roadside Towing is fully insured so your tiny home can be moved with peace of mind. We are also licenced for both Queensland and New South Wales so moving your tiny home interstate can be done hassle-free. We do have height, length and weight limitations for travelling on Australian roads so please give us a call to discuss in more detail and to arrange your tiny house transport.

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