Need a Tow Truck?

Towing FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Listed below is a collection of the most common questions we hear from customers. We hope these help answer any concerns you may have. If you have anything else you would like to ask, please contact us for more information.


Towing FAQ 1 – How much will it cost to tow my car?

Our fees vary depending on the distance from pickup to drop off, accessibility and time on site.
For a competitive quote please give us a call or you can use our online quote form located here:

Towing FAQ 2 – Are we able to ride in the tow truck?

Of course you can! We are more than happy to give you a lift to the drop off destination or any other location within the area. However, we can only carry a maximum of two (2) passengers safely.

Towing FAQ 3 – Where will you take our car?

If you have been involved in a traffic accident and covered by insurance, we will take your vehicle to the insurers preferred mechanic or repairer. Otherwise, we can take your vehicle to your preferred location.
You don’t need to make a decision straight away.
If you do not have anywhere to take your vehicle, or the repairer is closed, we can store your vehicle in our secured holding yard until circumstances change.

Towing FAQ 4 – We have broken down and have a trailer/caravan/boat with us. Are you able to tow both?

We sure can! Our Tilt Tray Tow Trucks are equipped with a second hitch. This means we can safely carry your vehicle on top while towing your trailer behind.
If you have been in a traffic accident where both car and trailer have been damaged, we may need to assess it first to ensure it is safe to tow behind. If it is unable to be towed we can arrange to have it collected with another Tilt Tray Tow Truck or come back to collect it.

Towing FAQ 5 – We have a Tiny House. Can you transport it for us?

Yes! We can either tow a tiny home that is built on wheels or we can load it onto the back of our Tilt Tray Tow Truck if it has no wheels. We are governed by size restrictions and weight limits so please give us a call to discuss.

Towing FAQ 6 – I have a shipping container. Can you relocate it for me?

Yes, No problems at all! Our Tilt Tray Tow Trucks are built to be able to pull a container up off the ground and secure for transport with specialized container pins in each corner.
We do however, have a couple of limitations. We can carry 20-foot containers maximum and they must be empty (or very little in them). Please use our online quote form to obtain a no obligation quote, or contact us for more information.

Towing FAQ 7 – Our car is broken down in New South Wales. Are you able to collect it and bring it back to Queensland?

Yes, Roadside Towing is licenced for both QLD AND NSW. This allows us to travel across borders for our clients.
Please check the tow company you’re planning to use to ensure they are licensed for both states! If they are not licenced, they are not legally permitted to transport your vehicle back into Queensland and it will not be covered by their insurance.

Towing FAQ 8 – Who pays for towing and storage after an accident?

 If you have been involved in a traffic accident and you are at fault, then you are liable for any associated costs for towing and storage. If however, you have full comprehensive insurance then all costs incurred from the accident will be covered by your insurance company.

If another party was at fault, then they or their insurance company will be liable for all costs that arise from the towing and storage of your vehicle. The party at fault must have a minimum of third party property damage for the costs to be covered. If the party at fault does not have any insurance then you will be able to have the costs covered by your own insurance company and they will bill the other party for all expenses.

Towing FAQ 9 – Is it legal to tow a car with a tow strap?

Yes, you are allowed to tow another vehicle with an approved tow strap, subject to relevant road rules and regulations.
For Queensland drivers, the Queensland Road Rules specify the following:

  • The towed vehicles brakes and steering must be in working order
  • The vehicle can only be towed if safe to do so.
  • The vehicle being towed must have working lights and indicators visible.
  • Distances between vehicles.
  • Towing mass limits, and
  • Driver requirements


Failing to comply with the relevant road rules will result in fines of varying penalty units.

For further information please see Queensland’s Transport Operations Road Use Management – Road Rules. (Sections 216, 294 and 295)

Please also be mindful of the damages that can be caused to the drivetrain and gearbox of all-wheel drive/4-wheel drive vehicles that are towed for any distance with wheels in contact with the road.
We highly recommend using the services of a tow company to avoid the risk of fines or extra repair costs from towing a vehicle incorrectly.
Please contact us for further assistance or to book a tow truck.