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Emergency Accident Towing

Call Roadside Towing for all emergency vehicle accident towing services.

Accidents Happen! Stay calm!

No one ever wants to be involved in a traffic accident but, that’s why they are called accidents.
Traffic accidents can be a very traumatic experience, especially if anyone is injured. Traffic is backing up and all you want to do is get your car off the road.

So first things first… Make sure everyone is OK! If you are able to, move off the road to a safe location. Now that you are out of harm’s way, and emergency services have been called if needed, phone us to arrange recovery of your damaged vehicle.

Towing Destination

It’s your choice! We can transport your vehicle to any destination you request. This may be a repair centre that you and the Insurance company agree on or your own preferred repair centre.

If a destination is not immediately available or the repair centre is not open, Roadside Towing can provide storage at our secure holding yard until the repair centre opens or the insurance company selects a repairer.

Remember, our Accident Towing Service is FREE if you have full comprehensive insurance OR the party at fault has a minimum of third party insurance. We can work with all major insurance companies.

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