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Aussies love the great outdoors. That is fast becoming even more evident with the ever-increasing number of caravans/campers/mobile homes being purchased throughout Australia. We have some of the greatest weather and of course, some of the most spectacular getaway destinations in the world. So it makes perfect sense to be out enjoying it.

Sometimes our passion for soaking up the great Aussie sun is clouded when we have to deal with breakdowns or mishaps. It’s a dream to be travelling the great outback, but it’s a nightmare when you are left stranded in the great outback.

Roadside Towing is only a phone call away. Ready to rescue you from certain misery with our professional caravan towing services. Depending on the issue, we can tow your caravan behind or alternatively it can be transported on the back of one of our Tilt Tray Tow Trucks. We can collect your caravan and return it to the nearest repair centre so that you can be back on holidays, and on the road as soon as possible.

Purchased a new caravan?

There is nothing quite like purchasing a new caravan. A caravan is quite an investment. You have worked hard, put a lot of thought into the features you want, and placed your order. The big day arrives and your new home away from home is ready to be collected. Let Roadside Towing take care of the logistics for you. We can collect your new caravan direct from the dealer and transport it to you or to your nominated destination for parking.

Need a pre-loved caravan towed?

If you are purchasing a second-hand caravan that may require repairs or registration then give us a call to arrange transportation. We can tow your newly purchased caravan from the purchased location to any destination you nominate.

Caravan involved in a traffic accident?

Sometimes our luck strikes out and we are left trying to pick up the pieces from a traffic accident.
If you have been involved in an accident with your caravan, Roadside Towing can sort out the salvage and recovery of your caravan (and vehicle if needed). Depending on the amount of damage your caravan has sustained, we can either tow it behind or load it up onto the back of our Tilt Tray Tow Truck for transportation to the nearest assessor or repair centre.

Going Interstate?

Roadside Towing is licensed in both Queensland AND New South Wales. Moving you caravan between states is a breeze for us. Call us today to take full advantage of our caravan towing services.

Fully Insured.

Don’t trust your investment with amateurs. Not only are all Roadside Towing operators fully licenced with many years of experience, but we are also fully covered in the unfortunate event that an accident happens.

Let the Experts Take Care of Everything

Whether it’s the first ride home or an unexpected breakdown in an unfamiliar place. Give Roadside Towing a call today and let us take care of you.

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