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Roadside Towing – Your local experts for Shipping Container Transport

Multi-Use Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers have found their way into our lives in many more ways than they were originally intended. You can now find them being used for portable office buildings, storage sheds, granny flats, tiny homes and even swimming pools!

Have you just purchased a shipping container? Perhaps you need your container relocated to another job site?


Whatever the reason, Roadside Towing has the expertise in moving your container trouble free.
Our trucks are equipped with the proper pin locks to ensure secure and safe transportation of your shipping container. We can load it straight off the ground onto the back of our Tilt Tray Tow Trucks and have your container transported to any destination required.

Need Your Container Towed Interstate?

Roadside Towing is licenced for both QLD and NSW, enabling us to carry your container wherever you may need it. We are also fully insured so you can rest assured your container is in good hands.


Please give us a call for more information on moving your shipping container, or use our online quote form and we will contact you asap.